Circular 41/2019/TT-BCT Supplementing the Detailed List By HS Code of Import and Export Goods Provided in the Circular of the Ministry of Industry and Trade

 Model number:  41/2019/TT-BCT    Type of document:  Circular
 Issued place:  Ministry of Industry and Trade    Signed by:  Tran Anh Tuan
 Date issued:  12/16/2019    Effective date:  01/29/2020
 Notice day:  Updating    Publication number:  Updating
   Status:  Not yet in effect


Supplementing the detailed list of HS codes of some import and export goods

On December 16, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Circular 41/2019/TT-BCT on supplementing the detailed list according to the HS codes of exports and imports specified in some Circulars of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade promulgates and supplements the detailed list of HS codes for the following categories of export and import goods:

– Exported rice and rice specified in Circular 30/2018/TT-BCT of October 1, 2018;

– Peppermint essential oil temporarily imported for re-export is specified in Circular 10/2011/TT-BCT dated 30/3/2011;

– Rough diamonds are specified in Joint Circular 14/2009/TTLT-BCT-BTC of June 23, 2009;

– Petrol and oil specified in Circular 38/2014/TT-BCT dated October 24, 2014;

– Export minerals specified in Appendix I of Circular 12/2016/TT-BCT dated July 5, 2016;

– Tobacco raw materials, cigarette rolling papers, specialized tobacco machinery and equipment prescribed in Circular 57/2018/TT-BCT dated December 26, 2018;

– Exported coal is specified in Annex I of Circular 15/2013/TT-BCT of July 15, 2013.

For the above lists, in case of listing only 4-digit (or 6-digit) HS codes, all 8-digit HS codes of the 4-digit (or 6-digit) HS heading shall apply; In case of a detailed listing of an 8-digit HS code, only that 8-digit code is applicable.

=> See the details of the Lists in Circular 41/2019/TT-BCT (effective from January 29, 2020).

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