Decision 18/2019/QD-TTg Regulations on Importing Machinery, Equipment, Used Technology Lines Issued by the Prime Minister

 Model number:  18/2019/QĐ-TTg    Type of document:  Decision
 Issued place:  Prime Minister    Signed by:  Trinh Dinh Dung
 Date issued:  19/04/2019    Effective date:  15/06/2019
 Notice day:  30/04/2019    Publication number:  From 409 to 410
   Status:  Still validated

New criteria for import of used machinery and equipment are about to take effect

This is the highlight of the Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTg on import of used machinery, equipment and technological lines.

According to the Decision, used machinery and equipment will be permitted for import if they meet the following criteria:

– The useful life of used equipment does not exceed 10 years; as for machinery or equipment in certain specific sectors, their useful life may be more than 10 years but is restricted to 15 years or 20 years (as prescribed in Appendix I to this Decision).
(The Decision No. 18 has already elaborated more on the useful life of machinery and equipment in certain specific sectors as compared to the Circular No. 23/2015/TT-BKHCN dated November 13, 2015).
– They must be manufactured according to the following standards:
+ Vietnamese Regulations on safety, energy saving and environmental protection;
+ In case none of relevant Vietnamese Regulations is not available, used machinery and equipment must be manufactured in conformance to technical criteria of Vietnamese Standards or national standards of one of G7 member countries or South of Korea on safety, energy saving and environmental protection.

=> For more details, please read the Decision No. 18/2019/QD-TTg in force from June 15, 2019.

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