Decision 3660/QD-TCHQ On Regulations of Information Exchange Electronic Customs Declaration, Tax Payment, Late Payment, Penalty, Fees, Charges, Other Charges, Tax Guarantee for Goods Exports, Imports, and Collections of Fees, Charges, and Other Charges to Regulatory Authorities, Direct Documentation, or Transfer of Taxpayer Receivable Information Via Total Electronic Payment Portal Customs Department

 Model number:  3660/QĐ-TCHQ    Type of document:  Decision
 Issued place:  General Department of Customs    Signed by:  Nguyen Duong Thai
 Date issued:  12/19/2019    Effective date:  12/19/2019
 Notice day:  Updating    Publication number:  Updating
   Status:  Still validated

=> See details in Decision 3660/QD-TCHQ effective from 12/19/2019.

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