Circular 62/2019/TT-BTC Amending Circular 38/2018/TT-BTC Regulation on Origin of Export and Import Goods Issued by the Minister of Finance

 Model number:  62/2019/TT-BTC    Type of document:  Decision
 Issued place:  The Financial    Signed by:  Vu Thi Mai
 Date issued:  05/09/2019    Effective date:  21/10/2019 
 Notice day:  01/10/2019    Publication number:  From 787 to 788
   Status:  Not yet in effect

Amending Circular 38 on determining the origin of import and export goods

This is the prominent content in Circular 62/2019/TT-BTC amending Circular 38/2018/TT-BTC regulating the determination of the origin of export and import goods.

Accordingly, some articles of Circular 38 were amended and supplemented, such as:

– Amending Point b, Clause 4, Article 4 of the case of failing to submit documents certifying the origin of imported goods to the customs office;

– To amend Point h, Clause 6, Article 15 of the difference of HS codes on the goods origin certification documents with HS codes on import customs declarations;

– Supplementing Point d, Clause 1, Article 22 of the cases of refusing the document of origin of goods; …

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